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Automatic rivet machine

Applications:The full-automatic double-table riveting machine can automatically pre-stack PP and core board to the working table after CCD positioning, and then press and rivet them, and send them out automatically. The six-axis robot can stack the finished PCB to rea


Place of Origin:Korea

Service Hotline:+86 755 2320 6651

Product manual

Product specification

Working size: 730mm*630mm Max 650mm*500mm min

Working efficiency: 3 sets of 6 laminates /min
Riveting thickness: 0.2-5mm

Prestack: CCD alignment, automatic prestack

Product features

Automatic plate thickness detection function to adjust the height of riveting, to achieve more accurate riveting effect
The number of rivets in each runner can be detected in real time by induction system to avoid missing rivet
Vacuum dedusting system can effectively remove impurities such as copper chips produced in the process of rivet blooming to ensure quality
The device is compact in structure and can be connected to other front and rear devices