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MLB Bonding Machine

Applications:Before the multi-layer PCB board are pressed, the PIN is aligned, and the pre-alignment and pre-bonding function between the core board and the core board is realized by the electric heating and melting of the prepreg


Place of Origin:Korea

Service Hotline:+86 755 2320 6651

Product manual
Product specification
Plate size: Max: 800mm × 660mm, Minimum: 320mm × 320mm (customizable)
Number of hot melt heads: 32 (customizable)
Number of panels: Mainly for 6-16 laminate 
Hot melt head Dimensions: Rectangular 5×16mm or round φ8mm (other sizes can be customized)
Equipment size: 1800mm(L)×1100mm(W)×1620mm(H) 

Product features
Double-table switching, reducing waiting time and improving production efficiency
PP heating and core plate fixing by electric heating method
Each temperature of the hot melt head is independently controlled and compensated separately to improve the consistency of hot melt temperature.
Hard anode treatment work surface, high stability
Laser guide hot melt head pressing position, convenient for on-site processing to improve operational efficiency