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Full Automatic Ni/Au plating machine

Applications:Electroplating the copper surface of the circuit board to reduce oxidation and improve weldability or wire bonding


Place of Origin:Korea

Service Hotline:+86 755 2320 6651

Product manual
Product specification
Sheet size: sheet width: 509~515 mm, sheet length: 619~625 mm
Plate thickness range: 0.07-0.8mm
Uniformity: nickel thickness of 8±2um, gold thickness of 0.6±0.1um
Equipment capacity: ≥2300pnl/day (24H)

Product features
Automatic loading and unloading reduce the damage of artificial splint
Optimize electrode structure and wind knife design to reduce Au waste
Easy maintenance and quick switching of products
The uniformity of the customized anode and electroplating network is achieved