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Film AOI Machine

Applications:Optical defect detection of negative film used for exposure by comparison with CAM


Place of Origin:Mainland China

Service Hotline:+86 755 2320 6651

Product manual

Product specification

Plate size: 26′′×31′′ (660×760mm) 

Detection speed: 90 seconds (film size: 16′′* 22′′, minimum line width 2 mil condition) 
Line width line spacing: 1.4 mil (36 um) 
Defect type: open circuit, short circuit, notch, burr, pinhole, size violation, position violation, isolated point 

Applicable film: silver salt sheet / heavy Nitrogen film / chrome-plated glass 

Product features

High detection accuracy, can detect the minimum line width of 20% defects 
Linear array camera high scanning rate, cam switching time is shorter 
Equipment is easy to operate, easy for field personnel to quickly get started with 
Key components imported, guarantee equipment stability