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Goldfinger Beveling Machine

Applications:The equipment is mainly used for the processing of the position of the communication jack of the optical module product board


Place of Origin:Mainland China

Service Hotline:+86 755 2320 6651

Product manual

Product specification

Working size: Min:60*60mm Max:300*300mm

Hypotenuse line speed: 0-10m/min, controllable
Process capacity: Min 2.0mm bevel cutter can meet the quality requirements

Cutting types: circuit board concave, multi - typesetting, trapezoid, non - standard typesetting and curve can be processed hypotenuse

Product features

Fully automatic feeding, feeding the integrated sliding universal chuck
PIN+ high precision CCD alignment, effectively remove machining problems caused by forming tolerance, goldfinger cutting appearance is good, no residual bur, wire drawing, etc
Double oblique Angle adjustment method, flexible and easy to operate, can be adjusted arbitrarily between 20° and 45°
Adopt the sliding way of sliding platform, effectively reduce the friction caused by defective rate