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COF-chip on film is a kind of encapsulation form, which is usually used in small-size panels, such as mobile phones, ipads and other liquid crystal module products.The current construction technology of LCD module, which can complete a smaller and thinner volume, should belong to COG and COF. Due to concerns about the panel layout restrictions, COF can achieve a larger resolution than COG for the same panel size. With the massive application of OLED and comprehensive screen, the demand for COF from major manufacturers is increasing.

Our company with the whole process in the area of COF package solution integration ability, in the wet process equipment and quality inspection equipment, the process of the system of governance tools, and the whole Cheng Fucai, material is rich in experience, at the same time in the single side COF package, double-sided COF package, etching process, SAP process all have practical experience in mass production, looking forward to contributing to the development of domestic COF package industry.