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Non-contact vertical develop machine

Applications:Vertical non-contact development of the solder mask or exposed film, removing unwanted ink or dry film


Place of Origin:Korea

Service Hotline:+86 755 2320 6651

Product manual

Product specification

Plate size: 516mm (W) × 626mm (L) max (Customizable)

Thickness: 0.034-0.8mm (dry film); 0.07-1.2mm (solder resistance)
Equipment Linespeed: 1.0~3.0m/min adjustable (dry film); 0.5~5.0m/min 
Adjustable (resistance welding)developing capacity: dry film pitch 20um, solder resist green oil bridge 40±4um, window opening 50±5um

Development uniformity: development uniformity ≥92%, double-sided development uniformity ≤3%

Product features

Reduced product defects through non-contact transmission

Compatible processing of dry film/resistive soldering materials
Compared with existing horizontal devices, it can increase the yield of magnetic rails and special physics by about 5% defoaming design