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Roll to roll exposure machine

Applications:Dedicated to FPCB line exposure, parallel light through the film and product on the dry film reaction, travel the corresponding graphics


Place of Origin:Korea

Service Hotline:+86 755 2320 6651

Product manual
Product specification
Product width: 250 ~ 350 mm
Product thickness: 0.05 ~ 0.20mm
Exposure effective area: 350 X 500mm
Number of tubes: 2EA for both sides

Product features
It is suitable for RTR volume single side/double side FPC/STR piece to roll film volume FPC
Double - row double - sided vacuum sharing 2EA tube in turn exposure
High yield: 6.5s+ exposure time, 350 sheets per hour
Resolution: precision mode L/S=25um, standard mode L/S=35um
Light source: LED light source /5KW ultra-high voltage parallel light mercury lamp can be selected