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Full automatic layup & break down system

Applications:The equipment is mainly used for laminating before and after, fully automatic realization of steel plate, kraft paper, copper foil, plate stacking and transporting and dismantling, to realize the whole process intelligentThe equipment is mainly used for l


Place of Origin:Mainland China

Service Hotline:+86 755 2320 6651

Product manual

Product specification

Core board size: 546* 623mm (customizable), the rest of the laminate design 

Core thickness: 0.04 ~ 1.6mm 
Per stack: 20sheet / bock 
Output capacity: 6000pnl / day 

Electrical specifications: 380V 3P 50Hz 

Product features

Innovative design of the stack Board & Storage System

High-precision, high-efficiency, fully automated systemized production line, significantly reducing the number of employees.
Configuring the online stripping system to improve efficiency. 
Copper foil + SUS + copper foil & accessories simultaneously combined