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Automatic coverlay bonding machine

Applications:Dedicated to FPCB line exposure, parallel light through the film and product on the dry film reaction, travel the corresponding graphics


Place of Origin:China Mainland

Service Hotline:+86 755 2320 6651

Product manual
Product specification

FPCB size: sheet -Min: 250 × 125mm Max: 250 × 500mm 

CLV size: sheet -Min: 250 × 120mm Max: 250 × 310mm Patch type: support 1FPC+1 size CLV Alignment accuracy: ±0.05mm Performance of the whole line: T/T 1FPC+1CVL: 8s;FPC 1 + 2 CVL: 14 s;1 + 3 CVL FPC: 20 s

Product features

Fully automatic chip type FPCB highly fit chip type CLV Automatic loading and unloading, reduce manpower, improve efficiency Panoramic camera + four-axis robot + servo control to achieve high alignment accuracy CVL head adaptive flatness control, quick changing buffer material sticking head, avoid damage to FPC