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Vertical PTH machine

Applications:In the way of vertical gantry line, the rubber slag in the hole is removed, and the copper is deposited on the surface of the hole wall to realize the conduction


Place of Origin:Korea

Service Hotline:+86 755 2320 6651

Product manual
Product specification
Sheet size: 515mm×625mm Max (customizable)
Plate thickness capacity: 0.034~0.8mm
Capacity of blind hole: 50um min thickness ratio Max. 1:1
Through hole capacity: 60um min thickness ratio Max. 6:1

Output capacity: ≥5280pnl/day

Product features
Stable rail transmission
Potions are automatically added to the system
Automatic upper and lower plate system to reduce hand plate damage
Super thin plate processing capacity and special requirements of the ability to customize
Good uniformity of copper sink